Tips for March Break

Mar 13, 2018 | Beginner Driving Tips

Slow Down When School is Out:

With March Break just around the corner and the kids preparing for a week away from school, Drivewise reminds drivers to drive more carefully and with extra vigilance. Kids out of school means kids out on the streets, and it is up to drivers to make sure those kids stay safe. Slow down, obey traffic laws and be a extra alert for smaller pedestrians when out on the roads.

A break from school and warmer weather mean that drivers will need to use some extra caution when driving during the upcoming March Break. Kids out of school for a week will be anxious to enjoy the time off and the chance to get out and play. Children will be out playing during hours when they are normally in school, and may also be out later in the evening during the break. Drivewise reminds drivers that it is important to drive safely and be on the lookout for kids.

Slow Down and Drive Cautiously:

In residential areas especially, it’s important to slow down and keep an eye out for children playing in the streets. Since the weather is starting to turn towards spring, it is more likely that young children will be outside playing, and that means drivers should be on alert. Use extra caution in the following areas:

  • Near playgrounds where children might be playing
  • When coming around corners in residential areas, as children might not be visible before taking the turn
  • In school zones – even though school is out kids might still choose to play in school playgrounds, so continue to obey all posted speed limits and drive carefull
  • Near recreation centers and other places where children out of school might spend more time
  • At crosswalks and intersections where kids might be trying to cross the street

While it is always advisable to use caution in these areas, during the spring break it is even more important since kids are more likely to be out playing. Being aware of the fact that so many children are out of school is the first line of defense to ensure accidents are avoided. Remember that kids often run out without looking, and can’t be depended on to be watching for traffic in the area. Driving more slowly gives more reaction time when a child makes a sudden move. It makes stopping and avoiding an accident easier.

Obey the Rules of the Road:

All drivers should of course be obeying the rules of the road at all times, but during times when kids are out of school such as March Break it is even more important to avoid those bad habits behind the wheel. Running a red light or a stop sign becomes a much more dangerous move when children are out and about. Higher speeds on the road make it more difficult to come to a stop when a child makes a sudden appearance.

Be sure to use turn signals so that people on the streets can anticipate where the vehicle will be moving next. Avoid distractions behind the wheel such as talking on the phone or texting. Not only are these things illegal and can result in tickets and higher car insurance rates, but they take a driver’s attention away from the road when it is needed most. Keeping all your attention on the road is the best way to ensure the safety of children during March Break.


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