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  • Basic Driving Instructor Course (BDIC)- MTO Approved.

  • Basic Classroom Instructor Course (BCIC) - MTO Approved.

Private Career Colleges offer students certificate and/or diploma programs that will help meet the requirements and specific needs of an occupation. Participants are given the tools to be more competitive in the job market when trying to reach their occupational goals. In addition to practical field experience a participant may have, they will also have the academic qualifications to add to their credentials.

The Basic Driving Instructor Course (BDIC) we offer at DriveWise Private Career College is designed to allow an individual to achieve and be recognized as a qualified in-vehicle instructor for a Beginner Driver Education Course.

The 144.5 hour course instructs participants on the basics of in-vehicle driver education. The highlights of the course focus on; Fundamentals of Learning and Instruction, Coaching Principles, Basic Driver Education Review and In-Vehicle instruction techniques.

Our classes are taught by industry experts who teach using an experiential learning method. Classrooms are small, and facilitate collaborative learning and discussion. This course is MTO-approved and adheres to stringent requirements and the DriveWise commitment to the highest standards in training and education.

The technologies that have made our renowned training programs so effective are used in our career college courses, including: audience response systems and simulators, which bridge the gap between theory and in-vehicle. Instructors can learn and practice in-vehicle instruction techniques in the safety of the simulator.

Teaching you the skills you need for the profession you want
Instructor meeting | Drivewise

Our BDIC course has received a Special Recognition Award from the Institute of Performance & Learning

The Basic Driving Instructor Course (BDIC) was designed for instructors at DriveWise to replace ineffective and outdated commercially available programs, to raise the standard of the instructor baseline competency, to increase learner retention, reduce on-board training time, and increase workplace safety.

DriveWise developed a competency framework within the driving instructor industry and created a performance standard that can be measured, evaluated and scrutinized for current and future stakeholders. This innovative approach to design ensured adherence to sound adult educational principles that promoted sequential learning and peer-to-peer support for learning.

DriveWise's planning process ensured alignment with organizational goals, surpassed the MTO requirements, and allowed for DriveWise to obtain a private career college status.


- From the Institute of Performance and Learning, 2016.

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