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Are you looking to receive your DZ Certification?

We offer a full DZ Course!

The course includes:

- 3 days in class (8:30am - 5pm) with Virtual Reality

   Simulation training

- Instruction on 10, 13 and 18-speed transmissions

- 24 one-on-one practical hours


48 hours in total

The DriveWise commercial trucking program is the most extensive and comprehensive in the industry today. Developed through consultation with truck training schools and some of Canada’s largest fleets, the courseware includes advanced driving theory and relevant classroom case studies, as well as nearly 300 simulation scenarios.



  • Advanced Driver Education Programs train and refresh the driving skills of Commercial Truck Drivers. Participants learn the rules of the road, the DriveWise 6 star approach to defensive driving, how to manage fatigue and distraction, safe backing, and driving economically.

  • Targeted learning topics will address your specific risks, concerns and procedures. They can be focused on remedial skill development for at-risk personnel in addition to risk management and collision avoidance fleet-wide. 

  • Our program is four (4) hours in duration. Each program has a maximum loading of ten (10) participants per session. For groups larger than six people, two instructors are deployed. One instructor will conduct the classroom session while the other facilitates the simulation labs.

  • The programs are all rooted in the DriveWise 6-Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. This proven learning model reinforces good driving habits while modifying drivers’ behaviours, and improving their decision making ability.


Air brakes



Truck | Drivewise

DriveWise has a proprietary instructional design system that features:

  • A program targeting cognitive skills, behaviours, decision making and situational awareness which research has proven are the main causal factors in driving incidents.

  • A traditional ADDIE Design with the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Evaluation embedded in the process to ensure your desired results are identified, quantified and an action plan to achieve

  • The incorporation of Stress Exposure Training principles to build learner awareness and response to acute stressors he/she will encounter in normal and high risk situations.

  • Formal program report with lesson plan outline, per-participant record of training and attendance, data slicing for trend identification, and participant feedback forms.

Our award winning Virtual Reality Airbrake system will be able to provide trainers of air brake endorsement programs an interactive and alternative option to the air brake board currently used in endorsement programs. The Virtual Reality Air Brake can be coupled with its own courseware and Online Learning.

Commercial in Confidence
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