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COVID-19 Updates

The significant impact of COVID-19 has been felt globally and as the situation evolves businesses must be prepared to deal with a range of scenarios.

The information below provides you ongoing updates on how DriveWise is working with our clients’ during COVID-19. Due to the rapidly developing nature of the situation, we will be updating this page regularly.

December 22, 2020

Novice In-vehicle:


We are in the process of canceling affected lessons. Any lessons that need to be cancelled due to the shutdown will be put on a priority list to be rescheduled as soon as we are able to resume.


Novice Classroom:


We have rescheduled the affected classes to virtual classes. If you prefer to move to an in-person class, we can schedule you into an in-person class scheduled after the shutdown.


Dec 27 class rescheduled to the following (all locations):


  • Virtual Class: Dec 29, 30, 31 9AM to 3PM

    • Sim Lab Date: Jan 24 9AM to 3PM


Jan 9 Course rescheduled to the following (all locations):

  • Virtual Class: Jan 9, 10, 16 9AM to 3PM

    • Sim Lab Jan 28 5PM to 10PM 

December 21, 2020

Novice In-vehicle:


We are just waiting to hear the details of the announcement, and as soon as we know exactly how the shutdown will affect your lessons we will give you a call back. Any lessons that need to be cancelled due to the shutdown will be put on a priority list to be rescheduled as soon as we are able to resume.


Novice Classroom:


Classroom sessions that are affected by the shutdown will be rescheduled to virtual sessions and the sim lab date will be scheduled for when we are able to resume in-person classroom. As soon as we receive the details following the 1PM announcement, we will have more detail.

July 23, 2020 - In vehicle lessons

Our Barrie location began in vehicle lessons last week and we are happy to announce that our Burlington and Oakville locations are resuming in vehicle lessons this Friday, July 24th! Our coordinators and instructors are currently calling students to schedule the lessons. We ask that you please have patience as we get through the list of students.

June 19, 2020 - DRIVETEST CENTRES - Update

On Monday, June 22, 2020, Ontario's driver testing services provider, DriveTest, will begin to gradually offer limited driver testing services in a staggered, phased approach across the province. Driver Examination services will be reintroduced in three phases until full services are restored this fall. The gradual approach will ensure that strict protocols are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is part of the government's efforts to ensure that critical services are in place so people can return to work as Ontario reopens.

Visiting DriveTest Centres

To reduce crowding and support new requirements for physical distancing, health checks and enhanced sanitation, most DriveTest centres will serve customers who want to take a knowledge test, exchange a driver's licence and apply for or upgrade a commercial driver's licence based on when they were born. 

People with birthdays between January to June will be allowed to visit a centre the first week of reopening and people with birthdays between July to December will have access to DriveTest services the following week:

Week One - January to June (Birth Month) - June 22-June 27, 2020

Week Two - July to December (Birth Month) - June 29-July 4, 2020

Week Three - January to June (Birth Month) - July 6-July 11, 2020

Access to DriveTest services will continue to alternate weekly until full services are restored.

Plan Your Trip to DriveTest Before You Go

Learn more about available driver testing services, how to access DriveTest centres, and which customers are being served each week at Information will be updated every Monday.

Extended Driver's Licence Status

The Ontario government has extended the validity of all Ontario driver's licences to keep people safe and reduce the need for in-person visits to ServiceOntario and DriveTest centres to contain the spread of COVID-19. No one will lose their licence due to COVID-19.

For more information, please visit


Phase 1

On Monday, June 22, 2020, all 56 full-time DriveTest Centres will reopen for the following transactions:

  • G1 knowledge and vision tests

  • M1 knowledge and vision tests

  • Driver's licence exchanges

    • Out-of-province licences

    • Out-of-country licences (jurisdictions with reciprocal driver's licensing)

    • Out-of-country licences (non-reciprocating jurisdictions)

  • Commercial driver's licence applications and upgrades

    • Knowledge tests

    • Vision tests

    • Medical report submissions

    • Criminal Record and Judicial Matters (CRJM) Check or equivalent document submissions

    • School Bus Driver Improvement Course certificate submissions

  • New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program (NEEEP)/ Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) Test

  • Commercial road tests (Class A, B, C, D, E, F and Z) at 28 locations across Ontario:

    • Barrie, Belleville, Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, Chatham, Clinton, Cornwall, Downsview, Guelph, Hamilton, Hawkesbury, Kitchener, Kingston, Lindsay, London, Newmarket, Oshawa, Orangeville, Orillia, Ottawa Walkley, Peterborough, Sault Ste Marie, St. Catharines, Simcoe, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Timmins


Phase 2

 Starting on Tuesday, August 4, the following services will be available:

  • Road-testing for G2 driver licences

  • Road-testing for all motorcycle licences

  • Commercial driver road testing will expand to the remaining 22 DriveTest locations across Ontario that road test commercial drivers. 

  • Part-time Travel Point locations will resume driver examination services as locations become available for the public's use.

Phase 3

Starting on Tuesday, September 8, all DriveTest centres and Travel Point locations will be fully operational, including G road-testing services.

Ontario will work with the service provider and with public health officials to ensure that the above dates are appropriate depending on the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. 

New Health and Safety Protocols

To protect the safety of Ontarians, DriveTest will also require customers to wear face coverings inside centres and during road tests, sanitize their hands when they enter the building and undergo temperature checks before road tests.

All DriveTest staff will wear personal protective equipment when serving customers. Driver examiners will also be equipped with face shields, sanitizer packages and seat covers when conducting road tests.

May 13, 2020

Unfortunately, we still do not have any indication as to when we will physically be able to reopen our centres. We continue to offer virtual SafeStart and Safety Seminars as well as online driver training modules. 

Our team is currently sharpening their skills with internal training and we are busy improving our training programs with this time we have been given. DriveWise will be back stronger than ever! 

We have also created new policies and procedures around COVID-19 and reopening. You can see a summary of those new procedures below:

DW Safety Infographic (1).png

April 27, 2020

We continue to offer FREE ordering assistance and delivery services to vulnerable seniors in our Barrie Community. If you are a senior who is unable to leave home due to COVID-19, and require our services, please call 705-730-1130.

SAFESTART - We are still unable to schedule in vehicle lessons while under a State of Emergency. Once it is deemed safe to do so, our scheduling coordinator will reach out to those students who had already started their in vehicle lessons first, and then students who have completed their in class and online HomeLink training. Remember students - if you have completed your HomeLink, please make sure to call 705-730-1130 or email us at info@drivewise to let us know. 

DriveWise Driving Programs - We are pleased to now offer Virtual, Safety Seminars! On the first and last Wednesday of each month, we will have a new topic. For the month of May, we are hosting a "Pre-Trip Inspection" Seminar. The cost is $20 per participant for the one hour. If you are interested, please email us at

April 15, 2020

We continue to offer FREE ordering assistance and delivery services to vulnerable seniors in our Barrie Community. If you are a senior who is unable to leave home due to COVID-19, and require our services, please call 705-730-1130.

SAFESTART - All of our DriveWise Centres are currently offering our SafeStart program as a virtual, online classroom. Three days is a virtual classroom (using Zoom technology) and one day will be held on a future date in our simulation lab (once it is safe to do so). Students can also complete 10 hours of HomeLink online learning. In vehicle lessons will be scheduled as soon as we are able to.. Registration can be done directly online, or by calling 705-730-1130 (for Barrie, Burlington, Oakville).

DriveWise Driving Programs – We are currently offering driver training programs via LIVE, virtual classroom. Our Program Manager will work with you by conducting a needs analysis to determine what training modules you require. Our virtual classroom programs are 3 hours with a maximum of 15 students. Please email with any questions that you have.

Our physical locations remain closed to the general public. We can still be reached through email at or through our social media accounts.

We can also be reached at 705-730-1130 (Barrie, Burlington, Oakville locations).

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