Spotlight on: BDIC Course at DriveWise

Aug 23, 2017 | Driver Training

This week kicked off the start of another BDIC (Basic Driving Instructor) course at DriveWise. The course was created entirely by instructional designers at DriveWise, and has helped us obtain both Private Career College designation and a Special Recognition Award at the I4PL (Institute for Performance and Learning) in 2016.

The course was designed to allow an individual to achieve and be recognized as a qualified in-vehicle instructor for a Beginner Driver Education Course.​ The 144.5 hour course instructs participants on the basics of in-vehicle driver education. The highlights of the course focus on; Fundamentals of Learning and Instruction, Coaching Principles, Basic Driver Education Review and In-Vehicle instruction techniques.

Prior to the inception of the course, the options available for basic driving instructor training were outdated and mainly focused on how to drive. During the development process at DriveWise, a needs analysis was conducted with stakeholders along with industry research to create a competency profile for what the graduates of such a program would need to be succeed in the occupation and in the labour market.

DriveWise is proud of the Program Advancements made with establishing BDIC. It makes a transition from the traditional instructor led classroom to an activity based classroom in accordance with adult learning principals. A state of the art simulator is used as a bridge to the in-vehicle training, and focusing on coaching skills in a safe environment. These advancements ensure that BDIC graduates are job ready upon completion of the course.

The BDIC course at DriveWise runs from August 21st – September 1st.

For more information on the course we encourage you to visit or contact us at 705-730-1130.

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