Explore what it’s like to be a snow plow driver

Nov 1, 2021 | Driver Training

What is it like to be a Snow Plow Driver?

If you love winter and driving big rigs, you may want to consider becoming a snow plow driver. As a snow plow driver, it’s your responsibility to operate the truck that helps keep the roads clear so that other vehicles can get to where they need to go safely. There are different types of snow plow drivers. For instance, there are drivers who only handle the main roads like highways, others that oversee the streets of cities and towns and finally, there are those that take care of ice and snow on driveways. While being a snow plow driver is generally a seasonal job, you need to be prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice as soon the weather turns.

Everything You Wanted to Know about How to be a Snow Plow Driver

To the untrained eye, being a snow plow driver may look easy. However, not only is it mentally and physically demanding but it is usually a highly unpredictable job. Here is a closer look at what it’s like to be a slow plow driver:

Purpose of the Job: A winter storm can leave several feet of snow on the ground, creating hazardous driving conditions and it is up to snow plow drivers to keep the roads safe. This is an extremely important job as snow can block roads, slow down the flow of traffic and lead to accidents. Without a highly trained and experienced snow plow driver, winter roads would remain dangerous and prevent people from going out and about.

Operating Snow Plow: Before the snow falls, it is up to snow plow drivers to make sure the vehicle is filled with gas and has the proper tools onboard including salt, sand and other road clearing solutions. It is also a snow plow driver’s responsibility to regularly inspect equipment such as the lights, engine and hydraulic systems to ensure they are working properly.

Necessary Skills: If you are considering a job as a snow plow driver, you need to be comfortable in the driver’s seat of a big truck. Maneuvering a snow plow through poor visibility, strong winds, icy roads and aggressive drivers for 10-12 hour shifts at a time takes an incredible amount of patience and training. While driving, you are also operating various controls like managing the hydraulics that push the snow out of the way and making sure your hazard lights are on to warn other drivers of your presence. In addition to impeccable driving skills, snow plow drivers also need a high degree of strength and endurance.

Safety and Professional Driver Training for Snow Plow Drivers

snow plow training

At Drivewise, our state-of-the-art learning tools are used in more than 100 locations across the country and the world. We can deploy mobile training units to provide you with convenient on-site training equipment to help your snow plow drivers become better prepared for the roads and harsh conditions in which they will be driving. Our highly trained and experienced instructors have worked with a number of professionals and can provide you and your team with the right tools and resources to keep you safe on the roads.

For more information about our training programs and how to be a snow plow driver, give us a call at 705-730-1130 or reach out to one of our representatives through our online contact form or chat window.

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