How Corporate Driver Training Can Benefit Your Business

Apr 9, 2021 | Driver Training

Corporate fleet drivers who are improperly trained can cost your business in more ways than one. That’s why it’s so important to have capable drivers on your team, benefitting both your business and the community by keeping roads as safe as possible.

DriveWise offers corporate driver training services designed to teach fleet drivers the most important aspects of safe vehicle operation. Advanced corporate driver training helps drivers better understand the rules of the road and ultimately make better driving decisions. Our refresher training program combines both interactive class instruction and virtual reality simulation to ensure you get the most comprehensive learning experience.

The Advantages of Corporate Simulator Training

One of the most effective ways to practice various driving maneuvers is by using a simulator. Simulation allows student drivers to apply theoretical approaches to realistic scenarios without the risk of getting hurt or endangering others. Here are some of the advantages to simulator-based corporate driving training, in addition to the benefits of the corporate driver training program:

  • Increase Safety: New drivers often lack the necessary skills, experience, and maturity to make safe driving decisions. Simulators allow drivers to experience the consequences of their actions in a safe and controlled environment. Our simulator-based training program can help learners sharpen their decision-making, vehicle control, traffic management, and hazard perception without the risk of material damage or injury.

  • Experience Advanced Training: Simulator training allows new and experienced drivers to practice and develop increased competence in a wide variety of situations in a very short period of time, as opposed to traditional driver training methods. Simulators give learners the opportunity to practice the right responses to critical events.

  • Protect Equipment and Save Money: Simulators allow you to screen prospective operators and ensure they’ve acquired the basic skills and knowledge before ever stepping foot in the cab of an expensive vehicle. Since training doesn’t take place in an actual truck, simulators help reduce wear and tear on these vehicles during the training process, ensuring your equipment lasts longer so you can avoid costly repairs or replacements.

  • Standardize and Customize Training: Whether you require a standardized testing method for employee training or customized training, DriveWise can build a program based on your core learning needs. The simulator comes with several pre-built scenarios, as well as performance measurement software monitoring the driving habits of your fleet and showing the direct correlation to their fuel consumption. The Proformer software tracks speed, acceleration. and brake pressure and charts progress reports that are benchmarked against your company’s expectations.

Discover Quality Corporate Driver Training Services at DriveWise

At DriveWise, our mission is to provide learner drivers with high-quality training programs that can help kickstart a successful career in the Road Transportation Industry. We offer services in both English and French to better serve the wider community while keeping the number of participants for each session to a minimum in order to ensure every student receives individualized attention and instruction.

Our corporate driver training services include fleet-wide standardization, online training, and mobile training at your facility. We can help you build a training program based on your business objectives that result in safe, competent, and courteous fleet drivers.

For more information about our corporate driver training services and how our programs can benefit your company fleet in Canada, give us a call at 1-705-730-1130 or reach out to one of our representatives through our online contact form or chat window.

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