Introducing our XVR Incident Command Program with the Ottawa Airport

Jul 11, 2019 | Driver Training

We have developed a virtual reality solution for the training that goes into preparing staff for the critical moments of emergency response. By incorporating the XVR Incident Command Simulator, emergency management professionals can prepare and practice tactical solutions, strategic planning, and emergency response using interactive and customized hands-on training methods.

Our team is thrilled to announce the delivery of this technology to the Ottawa Airport (YOW)! This week, our CEO, Lesley De Repentigny, and Director of Products & Services, Matt Davis, visited with the International Airport Authority in Ottawa to introduce our XVR Incident Command System.

Last week, they held a peer mentoring session and group discussion based on incident response policy procedures. They then practiced these procedures and communications strategies in a series of inter-agency training exercises.

Throughout the week, they ran scenarios on the XVR program – ranging anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour – to train and prepare staff for different situations, including low-level emergencies to aircraft crashes.


These scenarios aimed to educate staff on important elements of emergency response, such as proper radio communications, effective incident command techniques and efficient scene and evacuee management. In some scenarios, participants will also need to identify potential HAZMAT or medical emergencies.

We pride ourselves in introducing innovative approaches to the training and risk management industry and look forward to working with the Ottawa Airport on advancing safety measures and emergency response practices.

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