The Benefits of Thinking Green

Mar 5, 2018 | Industry Updates

As a professional driver and representative for your company, you realize that time is money. Wouldn’t it be nice to save money as well as wear and tear on your vehicle while you drive? If you drive safely and proactively you are in turn driving efficiently. Greater fuel efficiency is not only great for your vehicle or the company’s bottom line; it helps to make our planet greener!

In partnership with Natural Resources Canada, Drivewise has created these five tips to help drivers be as fuel efficient as they possibly can:

– Accelerate and brake smoothly. Gradual acceleration and braking uses less fuel than sudden starts and stops .

– Keep a steady speed. On dry highways use cruise control (when appropriate) or keep

better track of your speed by frequently monitoring it

– Anticipate traffic. Look well ahead and keep ample space to avoid heavy braking or

accelerating .

– Coast to decelerate. Using your brakes less can avoid using more fuel than necessary.

– Avoid High Speeds. Driving at 120 km/h will cost you 20% more in fuel .

Other ways to save money on fuel include keeping your vehicle regularly maintained and tuned up. Having inflated tires at all times will help with fuel efficiency in the long run as well. Little things such as planning your route to eliminate unnecessary trips, backtracking or avoiding busy congested roads and construction can help also.

Not only will the planet be in better shape but you will be safer, your vehicle will run smoother and longer and you will be able to see savings in the long run!

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