Distracted Driving Event with Halton Regional Police @ Burlington Mall

Nov 14, 2016 | Industry Updates

On November 10th, DriveWise teamed up with Halton Regional Police in Burlington during Crime Prevention Week in Ontario to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. We set up a display in the Burlington Mall and invited the public to take the drivers seat behind the wheel of our simulator. The catch? they had to text while driving the second time around.

Our state of the art virtual simulator is designed to provide a realistic simulation of the hazards one faces when attempting to text and drive. Participants got to experience firsthand the potential consequences of their actions. Many were surprised at how difficult it was to mitigate the risks with their texting. We hope the message hit home for our participants, who will remember their experience in our simulator and think twice next time they pick up the phone while driving. It is a decision that can save lives.

We thank the Police for their participation in this endeavor!

“Halton Regional Police recognizes the No. 1 concern of area residents remains traffic safety. As a result, we’re excited to be partnering with DriveWise during Crime Prevention Week to introduce their simulator technology in a learning environment,” said Sgt. Ryan Snow of the Traffic Services Unit.

“DriveWise driving simulators provide a realistic experience where residents can learn about the dangers associated with impaired and distracted driving, along with speeding – while avoiding the significant consequences that play out all too frequently on our area roadways,” he added.

Check out:

CHCH covering our Distracted Driving Event in Burlington with the Halton Regional Police for Crime Prevention Week. http://www.chch.com/distracted-driving-simulator/

DriveWise simulator lets public experience distracted driving: http://www.insidehalton.com/news-story/6956495-drivewise-simulator-lets-public-experience-distracted-driving/Burlington Post:

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