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Martin is the COO of DriveWise and the other half of the vision behind the DriveWise enterprise. He oversees the internal operations of the company. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, ensuring that high standards are maintained throughout the delivery of our programs, and leading industry research to ensure we are keeping up to date with training trends - all while striving to improve our DriveWise training programs.

Martin is a professional engineer, having achieved a degree in Engineering Physics at the Royal Military College (RMC), and a master’s in Environmental Engineering from at the University of Montreal École Polytechnique et Faculté des Etudes Supérieures. He also holds a degree in Facilities Management Administration from the Building Owners and Managers Institute International, and is certified in Teaching and Training Adults.

During his career, and before helping to found DriveWise, Martin was a professor at the RMC in St. Jean where he taught Computerized Design. While Martin was in the military, he was the director of facilities and operations. He worked as the Director of Professional Services at ADACEL prior to the development and beginning of DriveWise.

As the COO of DriveWise, Martin has learned, “if you have a viable, unique, and a best-in-market product, with enough perseverance and hard work, it will eventually prosper.”

Martin de Repentigny

Chief Operational Officer

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