Remember to do a Circle Check

One of the best ways to ensure your vehicle is safe and road worthy for travel is to perform a routine circle check or pre-trip inspection.

1) Check Under the Hood: Look for any engine oil/leaks, coolant levels/leaks, power-steering fluid, driver belts, windshield washer fluid. Ensure battery is clean and secure.

2) Check outside vehicle: Inspect the lights, suspension/springs/shocks, any body

damage, exhaust system, make sure the license plate is clean and visible. Ensure that there are no leaking fluids anywhere such as gasoline or coolants. Check that the trunk and hood are secure.

3) Liquid, Fuel and Tires: Check the fuel cap is secure and the tires are in good shape with adequate pressure.

4) Look around and underneath your vehicle. This can help you detect any potential dangers such as animals or children hiding, and objects that may be obstructive.

5) Check inside the vehicle: Steering, brake pedal reserve and fade, all gauges, fuel level, windshield wipers and washers, clean windows and mirrors, seat belts. Make sure the horn, heater and defroster are working. Check the parking brakes, and condition of the mirrors. Make note of any defects that may make your vehicle unsafe to operate.