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Our taxi driver training program is the first choice for driver training for a number of fleets and insurance brokers. Our courses are developed to assess the behaviour and decision-making skills of new hires or those being considered for employment. We also provide in-vehicle evaluations and mobile training options.


  • Blended learning approach using virtual reality simulation and interactive in-class instruction. Targeted learning topics will address your specific risks, concerns and procedures.

  • Our program is four (4) hours in duration. Each program has a maximum loading of ten (10) participants per session. For groups larger than six people, two instructors are deployed. One instructor will conduct the classroom session while the other facilitates the simulation labs.

  • The programs are all rooted in the DriveWise 6-Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. This proven learning model reinforces good driving habits while modifying drivers’ behaviours, and improving their decision making ability.

Taxi Simulator



DriveWise offers a 45 min-1 hour formal in-vehicle evaluation for taxi drivers. Drivers will be closely evaluated by our expert instructors for driver habits such as looking ahead, scanning intersections, checking mirrors, managing and responding to risks, maintaining a safe following distance, backing techniques etc. They are given a score based on their aptitude with comments provided by the instructor.

Program Highlights
Reducing Risk and Increasing Your Safety
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