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DriveWise designed the Virtual Reality Air Brakes system as an easy-to-use program that gives students and drivers an unprecedented look at a truck and trailer’s air brakes system. The 3D model can be used to closely examine components and demonstrate the inner workings of the braking system, thus replacing expensive brake boards. It can also simulate faults and failures, and clearly outline how the braking system will be impacted.


  • The system provides trainers of air brake endorsement programs an interactive and alternative option to the air brake board currently used in endorsement programs. 

  • The Virtual Reality Air Brake can be coupled with its own courseware and Online Learning.


  • These online modules are designed to further enhance good driving habits, and focus on the DriveWise 6 Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. They are designed to reinforce training done through 4- and 8-hour refresher programs. Contact our office for a list of available modules.


Airbrake Structure | Drivewise


Use the Virtual Reality Air Brake as part of your certification course, or use the DriveWise courseware that has the system integrated into it. Move from classroom to simulation, and interactive quizzes with this blended learning approach. Key features of the system include:

  • 360-degree environment – Allows you to freely move about the entire air brake system and all components

  • Faults and functions – See how the system works with and without failures and irregularities

  • Increase knowledge retention – Gain a better understanding by viewing the entire system as a whole, and in its actual layout

  • Realistic feedback – The gauges show air pressure buildup while valves and pedals react accordingly

  • Required components – All parts to the air brake system are included, which allows it to be a substitute for an air brake board.

Our ground-breaking Virtual Reality Air Brake System was a proud recipient of the Innovation Award from the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence (CATE)

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