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Canada's Climate Change Solution

Heatwaves, Wildfires and Floods

Coming off a record-breaking year for wildfires in Quebec, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta, one thing we can be certain about is climate change.

In Canada, where nearly a quarter of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation of goods and people, Ottawa has already announced ambitious plans to completely phase out the sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2035, with the greater goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. But is it too little, too late?


Britain’s Climate Change Committee (CCC) has already calculated that 59% of the emissions reductions required to reach net zero will involve “some form of societal behaviour change”, like reducing the amount we travel and choosing less polluting alternatives. But how about the way we drive? Is it possible that by applying what we already know about driver behaviour, we can solve problems that technology is not solving entirely on its own? (Absolutely!)


How We Drive Still Matters

Search the internet for fuel-saving tips and you’ll find a ton of creative suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint as a driver. One Redditor says, “literally take every single thing out of your car that you don’t need,” and while it’s true that every little bit of weight reduction helps, you would need to remove 100 pounds of weight to improve your car’s fuel economy by even one percent, according to the EPA.


A more effective way of reducing your carbon footprint is by adopting fuel-efficient driving techniques. Focus on the big three—accelerating gently, maintaining a steady speed and staying within the speed limit—small adjustments which can lower your fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 25%.


Looking ahead to 2035: For a sustainable future, how we drive matters just as much as what we drive. Isn’t it time we start thinking more broadly about climate solutions?

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