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interactive classroom using pad


Traditional classrooms have an instructor led lecture-based structure with occasional reading and long video. In contrast, our interactive classroom is a dynamic mix of facilitator-led discussion, problem solving exercises, interactive quizzes and practical reinforcement via virtual reality simulation labs. Participants are engaged, stimulated and enjoy the learning experience.


distracted driving quiz show in-class
  • What is being learned is confirmed by use of our participant response device. Each person is provided a response pad, and, during the program, quizzes will appear on the large monitor. Each participant keys in his/her answer. After all answers are in, the correct answer is displayed and the class distribution is shown in an anonymous fashion. This system accomplishes a multitude of learning objectives:

  • The instructor immediately knows whether he or she is getting through to the class and they are learning what is being taught.

  • The participant immediately knows whether or not they have understood and can ask the instructor questions if difficulties persist.

  • Everyone in the class engages in the learning, not just the outgoing people. This creates an inclusive environment even for the shyest person.

  • Although the results are shown anonymously to the class, they are stored in a knowledge base and are provided to the client as a per participant record of training.

students participate in the interactive classroom

Other training methods for the classroom portion are PowerPoint presentation, problem solving worksheets and short videos. DriveWise approaches driver training making use of competency and activity based learning.


We have revitalized our classroom sessions by incorporating the Interactive Participation System. Each participant is provided a numbered remote that coincides with his/her name programmed into the system.

  • During our PowerPoint presentations (or in a stand-alone format) interactive questions appear on the screen. Each participant is asked to key in his/her answer. 

  • When the instructor ends the questions the correct answer appears, along with the dispersion of answers (shown anonymously) of the participating classroom’s response. This enables both the instructor to know the success of learning transfer and the participant to immediately know if he/she understands the material.

  • Additional benefits of the IPS are the enjoyment level it puts in class by giving it that interactive element and its ability to encourage everyone (even the inhibited ones) to participate. 


  • Knowledge confirmation of all learning content is accomplished via our interactive participation system and a knowledge check administered by the instructor during our practical reinforcement exercises (simulation labs).

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