Military Training for Precision and Safety

Equip your personnel with DriveWise’s specialized military training, ensuring precision, safety, and readiness on every mission.

Your Safety is Our Duty

DriveWise is a strong supporter of our men and women in uniform. As former members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the founders of DriveWise have worked hard to develop programs that keep our soldiers safe.


Our military program is led and supported by the strong military backgrounds of our company leaders, CEO Lesley de Repentigny and COO Martin de Repentigny, who served in the Canadian Armed Forces for over two decades.

Simulation technology developed for the military has led to the implementation of industry-leading training scenarios for public and civilian sectors.

Collaborate with DriveWise to deploy customized military training initiatives, cultivating
enhanced road safety and empowering drivers within your organization.

Take Command of an Incident

Using the XVR Incident Command simulator allows emergency services and first responders to prepare and practice agency procedures and protocols from a safe, controlled environment

Mobile Training at your Facility

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile classroom trailers will drive to your location and train your staff at your convenience, saving you time, fuel and money.