Revolutionize Training with XVR Simulation

Experience immersive and realistic training scenarios with DriveWise’s XVR simulation technology, revolutionizing how organizations prepare for real-world challenges.

DriveWise’s Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Solutions

When you arrive at the scene of an incident, the first five minutes are crucial to determining the next five hours. By using the XVR Incident Command Simulator, emergency management professionals can prepare and practice tactical solutions, strategic planning and emergency response using this interactive and customized hands-on method.


XVR represents the future of incident management, moving the training industry away from table top training to state-of-the-art simulation.

Prepare and practice tactical solutions with real situations in a simulated environment
Create/customize your own scenarios based on real-life experiences and train on how to better handle situations in the future.
Scene and risk assessment.
Capital procurement or service-based.
Train the trainer in-classroom facilitated XVR is available.
Encourages inter-agency cooperation and training.
Highly engaging and facilitates collaboration between team and crew communications.
Partner with DriveWise to implement tailored XVR simulation training programs, enhancing preparedness and empowering participants within your organization.

Training Description

This virtual reality learning tool immerses the trainee into an environment that is both interactive and responsive. Major features of the program include:

Ability to have up to 99 participants in the same exercise.
Participants can be from the same agency (i.e. all fire service or multi agency representing multiple services and agencies).
Multiple visual environments (apartment buildings, houses, factories, warehouses, petroleum plants, highways, etc.)
Ability to walk around and in structures including up and down stairs, as well as opening and closing doors and windows.
Controllable weather.
Hazmat training.
Human in the loop participation.
Instructors can change exercise dynamics in real time.
System available for purchase, or DriveWise can facilitate your training

Mobile Training at your Facility

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile classroom trailers will drive to your location and train your staff at your convenience, saving you time, fuel and money.