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NEW: Online Self Paced Learning and Virtual Classroom Sessions For Fleets

Need Driver Training for your Fleet but they are remote or time constrained?

In addition to our live in person training sessions, we have self paced online or live Virtual Classrooms online training for you

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Everyone had a shared role in keeping our roads safe. We partnered with RSA Canada on this interactive quiz on sharing the road. Test your knowledge today!

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DriveWise has been an industry leader in safety and professional driver training for over a decade, setting the standard for customized courseware and interactive training solutions. Whether you are looking for refresher training, pre-hire assessments or simulator procurement, we work closely with you to develop a program that suits your needs, incorporates your procedures, and addresses your risks. 

Our state-of-the-art learning tools are being used at more than 100 locations across Canada and internationally. Mobile training units are deployed regularly to provide on-site training. Our training experts and top instructors work with fire departments, police & paramedic services, truck fleets, busing companies, municipalities and corporations - among others. We will work with you to create customized training and learning solutions


Dan O.

Paramedic Training

“The instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating.

The training fulfills a need for the students to experience simulated driving under various conditions while driving an ambulance.”

Michael Haddad


"Our experience with DWC has been extremely good. Also, it was a great pleasure to work with both Soverna & Katherine who assisted Lassonde immensely during the set-up process + addressing the various issues encountered which were quickly resolved."

"Very positive experience, even for an experienced driver. Thank you.”

“Great course - reminders of safe driving practices are always a good thing.”

“The instructors were fantastic. The simulators were highly effective! Thank you!”


Irving Oil