Police Vehicle Operations Training

Empower your officers with DriveWise’s specialized police vehicle training programs, designed to enhance safety, professionalism, and effectiveness on duty.

Elevate Law Enforcement Safety

DriveWise’s Police Vehicle Operation program improves the safety of officersand is a cost-effective solution for police departments. We develop customized programs for current officers or new recruits to target your department’s needs.


The DriveWise Police Vehicle Operation program was designed through intensive consultation with police training officers. In-class theory is customized with individual departments, and simulation exercises are built based on real-life events. Our police programs are all rooted in our 6-Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. This proven learning model reinforces good driving habits, while modifying drivers’ behaviours and improving their decision making ability.

Virtual environment enables emergency personnel to safely practice high-risk exercises such as emergency response,
TranSim series driving simulator (pictured) features working lights and sirens.

Join forces with DriveWise to establish customized police vehicle operations training programs, reinforcing road safety and empowering officers within your department.

Take Command of an Incident

Using the XVR Incident Command simulator allows emergency services and first responders to prepare and practice agency procedures and protocols from a safe, and controlled environment.

Mobile Training at your Facility

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile classroom trailers will drive to your location and train your staff at your convenience, saving you time, fuel and money.