DriveWise Driving Simulators for Immersive Training Experiences

Immerse yourself in lifelike driving scenarios with DriveWise’s cutting-edge driving simulators, revolutionizing driver training with unparalleled realism and effectiveness.


DriveWise integrates cutting-edge virtual reality technology to enhance user engagement, facilitate better learning transfer, and improve learner retention. Utilizing simulators for training enables significant reductions in capital investment for vehicles by minimizing their usage and maintenance needs. DriveWise provides a safe and highly customizable environment to address risks and causes of incidents effectively.

Simulation labs are a highly-effective and powerful method of cognitive skill development, behaviour modification and situational awareness building. In a simulated environment, the group is exposed to a number of different driving situations. The flexibility and safe environment of the simulator enables us to expose participants to situations that would be impossible in a live vehicle.
Targeted skill development and reinforcement of curriculum via hands-on practicum.
Instructors have the capability to let situations unfold naturally, allowing them to assess participants' ability to identify hazards, proactively respond, and recover without direct intervention. This approach enables instructors to concentrate on coaching rather than constantly monitoring safety. Participants also gain insight into the consequences of their driving decisions as they observe cause-and-effect scenarios. Exercises can be replayed from multiple perspectives to highlight key teaching points effectively. Group training sessions provide opportunities for individuals to learn from both positive and negative actions demonstrated by their peers.
Events can be programmed or be initiated from the easy-to-use instructor station. The instructor can inject weather events, change time of day, as well as surface friction and vehicle dynamics (i.e. bleed brakes), and induce emergency situations (i.e. blown tires, brake failure, engine fire, hydraulic failure, etc.). These tools permit the instructor to target the training to the skill level of the trainee.
The simulator captures all data as the simulation is being conducted. The instructor can then replay the simulation from various angles for participant debrief on performance.


The focal point of our program is our virtual reality learning environment. Through our simulators, participants can effectively apply classroom theory in a secure and dynamic setting. These simulators are adaptable to occupation-specific setups and various vehicle configurations, providing a tailored experience for every participant.

TranSim VS8

Used for commercial trucks, fire trucks, snow plows, buses, etc.
180-degree view, using three 55” full HD resolution (1920×1080) allows for the design and delivery of ultra-realistic driving environments
Force-loaded steering provides real-time feedback during situations such as blown tires and sloshing loads
140 transmissions (manual/automatic), 240 engine types, 300 tire sizes and 33 axle ratios
Realistic gear shift allows for shifting instruction that reduces wear and tear on your equipment
Glass dashboard allows the flexibility to replicate various makes/models of vehicles
Truck-like training environment, such as seat, steering wheel, air brakes, clutch, enhances retention for drivers

PatrolSim PS8

Used for police vehicles, ambulances, passenger vehicles, taxis, vans, etc.
Virtual environment enables emergency personnel to safely practice high-risk exercises such as emergency response and pursuits
180-degree view, using three 55” full HD resolution (1920×1080) allows for the design and delivery of ultra-realistic driving environments
Lights and sirens, touch screen and two-way radio
Glass dashboard allows the flexibility to replicate dozens of makes/models of vehicles
True-to-life vehicle training environment, such as seat, steering wheel, brakes, accelerator pedal, etc., enhances training retention for drivers

Partner with DriveWise to implement tailored simulation-based driver training programs, enhancing road safety and empowering drivers within your organization.

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