Optimize Your Fleet’s Performance

Empower your drivers and enhance operational efficiency with DriveWise’s specialized corporate fleet training, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Why do I need corporate fleet training?

DriveWise training programs for corporate fleets are customized to your needs and uniquely designed to teach important aspects of safe vehicle operation. Ensure your employees are representing the company well with safe driving behaviours.

DriveWise encourages all companies to make safe driving an important part of their employees’ lives, whether you want to:

Improve safe driving practices for your staff.
Demonstrate the benefits of driving fuel-efficiently.
Be proactive in reducing incidents on the road.
Increase safety awareness within the organization.
Reduce insurance and incident related costs.


Customized programs addressing company needs

DriveWise is a premier provider of driver training for some of the country’s largest corporate fleets. Our corporate fleet program focuses on different company policies, and specific driving issues and needs.

Small Class Size

Our corporate fleet program emphasizes small class sizes with a maximum of 10 students. For groups exceeding 6 people, 2 instructors are assigned. One instructor leads the classroom session while the other facilitates the simulation labs, ensuring personalised attention and an excellent educational experience for each participant.

Blended Learning Approach

A blended learning approach is used combining virtual reality simulation and interactive in-class instruction. Targeted learning topics will address your specific risks, concerns and procedures. In-vehicle sessions can also be included to further enhance the classroom & simulation lab experience.

DriveWise 6-Star Approach

The program is rooted in the DriveWise 6-Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. This proven learning model reinforces good driving habits while modifying drivers’ behaviours, and improving their decision making ability.

Highly Competitive Prices

The training solution is tailored to individual needs, number of trainees and budget. Please contact 705-730-1130 or [email protected] for further information and pricing

Program Options

Pre-Hire Selection

Occupation and licence specific pre-hire assessments.

New Hire Programs

Onboard new hires with customized training to your fleet policies and procedures.

Recurrent Training

Sharpen existing driver’s skills with customized training modules to target fleet risks & training goals.

Awareness Programs

Short online modules or in-person safety workshops to increase safety awareness.


One-on-one targeted training for at risk drivers.

DriveWise’s Corporate Fleet Training Is Your Best Choice

Reducing Risk and Increasing Your Safety

DriveWise has a proprietary instructional design system that features:

Factors in driving incidents

A program targeting cognitive skills, behaviours, decision making and situational awareness which research has proven are the main causal factors in driving incidents.

Traditional ADDIE design includes Kirkpatrick Level 4 assessments

A traditional ADDIE Design with the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Evaluation embedded in the process to ensure your desired results are identified, quantified and an action plan to achieve your goals.

Stress Exposure Training Principles

The incorporation of Stress Exposure Training principles to build learner awareness and response to acute stressors he/she will encounter in normal and high risk situations.

Individually Targeted Reports

Formal program report with lesson plan outline, per-participant record of training and attendance, data slicing for trend identification, and participant feedback forms.

Mobile Training at your Facility

Our fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile classroom trailers will drive to your location and train your staff
at your convenience, saving you time, fuel and money.