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Professional Programs

Advanced Driver Education Programs (ADEP) 


Program Overview: The Advanced Driver programs (ADEP) at DriveWise are customized to the participant’s occupation, local environment and departmental procedures and policies.  Client-provided risk data enables us to build the modular program content to best address the high risk areas of your operations, thus increasing: learning transfer, applicability of program to job tasks, and retention via the participant’s ability to relate to content. 

DriveWise incorporates all the content of standard defensive driving programs as well as of current Advanced Program offerings, but advances one step further to engage the job tasks specific to the occupation. Our customized courseware provides the advantage of addressing the specific concerns and objectives of your training.

Our program is four (4) or eight (8) hours in duration with a program load of ten (10) personnel per program.  DriveWise understands the shift work and weekend requirements of our clients, and therefore our program can be scheduled to accommodate your normal shift schedules.


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DriveWise courses are customized to accommodate your learning requirements, occupation, selected program length, and risk data. The curriculum is rooted in our own “six star approach” to defensive driving.

Immediately following your secured booking, an advisor from the DriveWise team will contact you to perform a training needs analysis. This analysis will include the following:

  1. Identify the participants and occupations

  2. Ascertain primary profile of participant (new hire, recurrent, remedial, etc.)

  3. Fleet Risks

  4. Local Operating environment

  5. Local procedures (i.e. company specific backing procedure, hours of service, etc.)

  6. Program facilities


Upon completion of the learning needs, DriveWise will customize your program in accordance with the information provided.

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