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We're glad that you have decided to become a vehicle-for-hire driver in Toronto!

DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire Training program has received accreditation from the City of Toronto


Register For Training

Simply register for the upcoming training here or call us at 705-730-1130.


Receive In-Person Training

Training is located at The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 286, 11 Irwin Rd, Etobicoke, ON

Feel free to bring a translator, they are allowed to be with you in the classroom!


Get Your Training Certificate

Upon completion of our interactive training, you will be awarded your training certificate within 24 hours.


Apply For Your Licence

Click here to apply for your Vehicle-for-Hire Licence.

Ask your PTC for your Private Transportation Company Licence. *See differences

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*This cost is nonrefundable*

Transferring to another course date will incur a $25 transfer fee.

Why do I need vehicle-for-hire training?

In Toronto, applicants for vehicle-for-hire (taxicab or limousine) driver licences must demonstrate completion of a new driver training course and will be required to submit the certificate of completion as part of their licence applications. Drivers currently licensed also have to take this training program before renewing their licence in 2023.

According to the City of Toronto, you need a licence from the City if you are a:

  • Taxicab owner, operator or broker

  • Limousine owner or service company

  • Private transportation company (PTC), such as Uber & Lyft

  • Taxicab, limousine or PTC vehicle driver

driving vehicle for hire in the city of toronto

What can I learn in DriveWise's interactive training?

DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire training examines the unique requirements for VFH and PTC drivers in Toronto, including:

Introduction to Safe Driving

In this module, participants learn about our 6 Star Approach to Cooperative Driving, which promotes safe and responsible driving. It serves as a foundation for other program topics, outlining core principles.

Inclusive Driving

Participants will learn about:​​

  • Disability Awareness

  • Discrimination and Harassment

  • Equity and Inclusion, Unwelcomed Behaviour and Conflict Management

Advanced Driving Techniques

Participants will learn about:

  • Sharing the Road

  • Adverse Conditions

  • Distracted Driving

  • Applying space and speed management principles practically

Legal Requirements

Participants will understand vehicle-for-hire legislation at various government levels, including federal, provincial, and municipal regulations.

Driving in Toronto

Participants will learn about:​

  • Cycle Tracks and Bike Lanes

  • Unique Streets in Toronto

  • Sharing the Road with TTC

  • Applying this knowledge to real-life scenarios for risk reduction pratically.

3 Simulation Labs

Participants in simulation labs and cooperative driving scenarios apply theoretical concepts from the classroom to real-life situations, promoting effective learning transfer and improving long-term retention.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the high-risk nature of daily driving.

  • Identify behaviors leading to vehicle incidents.

  • Define essential behaviors, cognitive skills, and situational awareness for cooperative driving.

  • Demonstrate the 6 Star Approach to Cooperative Driving.

  • Adopt the appropriate attitude for cooperative and efficient driving.

  • Safely and efficiently navigate Toronto.

  • Provide inclusive service to customers.

  • Follow vehicle-for-hire driver regulations.

  • Apply for a Vehicle-for-Hire(VFH) licence.

  • Apply for a Private Transportation Company(PTC) licence.

uber driver picking up a customer

Course Price and What it Covers

The Price is $225 + HST

Please notice that this cost is nonrefundable. 

Transferring to another course date will incur a $25 transfer fee.

The Program is 8 Hours in Duration

The training is from 8am to 4pm. Participants will benefit from a balanced mix of interactive classroom sessions and immersive virtual reality simulation labs. *Lunch is included with the enrollment of the program.

Small Class Size of 15 Students

To ensure optimal learning outcomes, we maintain small class sizes, with a maximum of 15 students per instructor, guaranteeing each learner receives personalized attention and the best possible educational experience.

Blended Learning Approach

Blended learning approach using virtual reality simulation and interactive in-class instruction. Targeted learning topics will address your specific risks, concerns and procedures.

DriveWise 6-Star Approach

The program is rooted in the DriveWise 6-Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. This proven learning model reinforces good driving habits while modifying drivers’ behaviors, and improving their decision making ability.

- DriveWise vehicle-for-hire training is your best choice -

Register Now | $225+HST*

*This cost is nonrefundable*

Transferring to another course date will incur a $25 transfer fee.

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