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How can we help you?

We understand that you may have some questions about our services. To provide you with more information, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below:
  • Why DriveWise?
    DriveWise sets itself apart with an elite collection of unique differentiators: 1. Certified instructional designers customize your program to target your specific risks, occupation and learner profile (i.e. pre-hire, new hire, recurrent or at-risk Driver). 2. To maximize our programs results, DriveWise has a proprietary instructional design system that features: ​ A program targeting cognitive skills, behaviours, decision making and situational awareness which research has proven are the main causal factors in driving incidents. A traditional ADDIE Design with the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Evaluation embedded in the process to ensure your desired results are identified, quantified and an action plan to achieve your needs drives your program(s) custom design. The incorporation of Stress Exposure Training principles to build learner awareness and response to acute stressors he/she will encounter in normal and high risk situations. State of the Art Learning tools such as virtual reality simulation and audience response pads. Activity Based Learning for the classroom to engage the Adult learner in an experience-sharing and highly-engaging learning environment. Formal program report with lesson plan outline, per-participant record of training and attendance, data slicing for trend identification, and participant feedback forms. Our simulators operate the newest software and are a current hardware platform to ensure optimal performance, continual maintenance and optimized reliability of our simulators. Our simulators are supported in house 365/24/7.
  • Are the programs customized?
    DriveWise courses are customized to accommodate your learning requirements, occupation, selected program length, and risk data. Our programs are designed through an instructional design process, and reference applicable Canadian regulatory requirements, and our own “six star approach” to cooperative driving. ​ Immediately following your secured booking, an advisor from the DriveWise team will contact you to perform a training needs analysis. This analysis will include the following: ​ Identify the participants and occupations Ascertain primary profile of participant (new hire, recurrent, remedial, etc.) Fleet Risks Local Operating environment Local procedures (i.e. company specific backing procedure, hours of service, etc.) Program facilities ​ Upon completion of the learning needs, DriveWise will customize your program in accordance with the information provided.
  • What vehicles can training be provided for?
    DriveWise provides training for the following vehicles: ​ Pick-up Truck (With or without trailer) Step/Delivery Van Heavy Truck (Manual or Automatic Transmission, various speeds including 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, super 10, 13 and 18) Fire Truck Ambulance Police Cruiser (various models including the Crown Victoria, Impala and Charger) Hummer and other military vehicles Snow plow Dump Truck Garbage Truck Cement Truck Private Motor Vehicle Taxi
  • Is DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire Training Program approved by the City of Toronto?
    Yes. DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire Training Program has received accreditation from the City of Toronto as of June 2022. We provide the best in-person training with Driving Simulator.
  • Why do I need Vehicle-for-hire training?
    In Toronto, applicants for new vehicle-for-hire (taxicab or limousine) driver licences must demonstrate completion of a new driver training course and will be required to submit the certificate of completion as part of their licence applications. Drivers currently licensed also have to take this training program before renewing their licence in 2023. ​ According to the City of Toronto Government, you need a licence from the City if you are a: Taxicab owner, operator or broker Limousine owner or service company Private transportation company (PTC), such as Uber & Lyft Taxicab, limousine or PTC vehicle driver ​​ Depending on the situation, you may need: a Vehicle for Hire (VFH) licence and a Private Transportation Company (PTC) licence. These are two distinct types of licences related to transportation services. Getting a training certificate is essential for both licences.
  • What is the price for DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire Training?
    The Price is $225 + HST Please notice that this cost is nonrefundable. Transferring to another course date will incur a $25 transfer fee. ​ The Program is 8 Hours in Duration The training is from 8am to 4pm. Participants will benefit from a balanced mix of interactive classroom sessions and immersive virtual reality simulation labs. *Lunch is included with the enrollment of the program. ​ Small Class Size of 15 Students To ensure optimal learning outcomes, we maintain small class sizes, with a maximum of 15 students per instructor, guaranteeing each learner receives personalized attention and the best possible educational experience. ​ Blended Learning Approach Blended learning approach using virtual reality simulation and interactive in-class instruction. Targeted learning topics will address your specific risks, concerns and procedures. ​ DriveWise 6-Star Approach The program is rooted in the DriveWise 6-Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. This proven learning model reinforces good driving habits while modifying drivers’ behaviors, and improving their decision making ability.
  • Do you provide training that are not in English?
    The training will be provided with English. But you are welcomed to bring your own translator. They can sit with you in the classroom and help you throughout the training.
  • Is there any in-car training in the DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire Program?
    No, there is no in-car training. You will participate in the simulation labs included in the program modules. Participants in simulation labs and cooperative driving scenarios apply theoretical concepts from the classroom to real-life situations, promoting effective learning transfer and improving long-term retention.
  • Where does DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire in-person Training take place?
    The Training is located at The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 286, 11 Irwin Rd, Etobicoke, ON
  • How do I register for DriveWise's Vehicle-for-Hire Training?
    Please visit, and register on this page.
  • Do I need to provide my driver's licence to enroll in this program?
    Yes. After you register for the training, we will contact you for a copy of your valid Province of Ontario Class G (or higher) driver’s licence.
  • I've finished the training, how do I get my Training Certificate?
    Great job completing your training! We will send the Training Certificate to your registered email within 24 hours. Please make sure to save a copy of your certificate when you receive it.
  • What driver licence do I need to drive a taxi in Toronto?
    You need a Vehicle-for-Hire driver licence to drive a taxi in Tonronto. You need a valid Province of Ontario Class G (or higher) driver’s licence to apply for your Vehicle-for-Hire licence. Drivers need to have a minimum of three years of driving experience.
  • I want to drive Uber/Lyft, do I need the training as well?
    Yes, you need a training certificate as well if you want to drive for a Private Transportation Company(such as Uber/Lyft). You need to ask your Private Transportation Company to insist you with applying to a PTC licence. You will be asked to provide your training certificate to prove that you have completed a third-party training program approved by the City.
  • I have obtained my Vehicle-for-Hire licence, but I did not take the course. Do I still need to undergo this training?
    Yes. Drivers currently licensed will have to take this training program before renewing their licence in 2023. New licences are not being issued and licences will not be renewed if this training is not completed.
  • I am no longer available for my registered date, what should I do?
    The registration fee is non-refundable. Please contact us at 705-730-1130 to transfer to another course date. A $25 transfer fee will be incurred.
  • What is the Benefit of Simulation?
    Simulation labs are a highly-effective and powerful method of cognitive skill development, behavior modification and situational awareness building. In a simulated environment, the group is exposed to a number of different driving situations. The flexible and safe environment of the simulator enables us to expose participants to situations that would be dangerous in a real vehicle. Additionally, the instructor can allow a situation to advance in real time and observe the participant’s ability to recognize danger, be proactive and recover without instructor intervention. This enables an instructor to focus on coaching instead of monitoring everyone’s safety. The participant can also see the cause and effect of their driving decisions.
  • What are your Simulator's Capabilities?
    As well as simulating a multitude of vehicles, the simulator offers many different environmental scenarios including: highway, freeway, suburban, rural, city, downtown core, mountain pass, and snowy freeways. The flexibility of the visual environment enables us to closely replicate the operating environment of the participant. This feature increases learning retention as the participant more readily integrates to the environment and understands how to employ learned skills in everyday tasks. The simulation environment supports many complex and difficult weather effects including snow, ice, fog, rain, and wind. All weather effects can be adjusted to varying levels of intensity. This is extremely effective in exercising and gauging the participant’s ability to adapt and apply their skills in adverse conditions. In addition to controlling the weather/environmental conditions, emergencies such as blown tires, failed brakes, hydraulic failure, and failed headlights can also be injected during an exercise. Simulations also contain varying levels of traffic as well as animals (deer, dogs, moose, etc.) and pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycles. Simulation is the most practical way to expose a participant to the highest risk situations. The flexibility of the simulator enables us to expose the participant to challenging and complex situations in a safe environment.
  • Can training be done at our location?
    Yes. We have a fully outfitted mobile training unit complete with driving simulator, instructor station and classroom. The trailer, which is powered by a generator, eliminates the need for shore power and is climate controlled, so training can be done in almost any condition.
  • Do you sell Driving Simulators?
    Yes. We sell occupation-specific simulators in addition to building and delivering service-based training programs. One of our main tools in learner engagement is the realism of our simulator and its applicability to real life experience. Immersion in the simulation is enhanced by the force feedback of the pedals and steering including terrain following (if you hit a curb you will feel it), the vibration in the seat, surround sound and movement of visuals to simulate weight distribution. ​ Our simulators support occupation specific configurations and vehicles. TranSim VS6 Used for commercial trucks, fire trucks, snow plows, buses, etc. 180-degree view, using three 55” full HD resolution (1920×1080) allows for the design and delivery of ultra-realistic driving environments Force-loaded steering provides real-time feedback during situations such as blown tires and sloshing loads 140 transmissions (manual/automatic), 240 engine types, 300 tire sizes and 33 axle ratios Realistic gear shift allows for shifting instruction that reduces wear and tear on your equipment Glass dashboard allows the flexibility to replicate various makes/models of vehicles Truck-like training environment, such as seat, steering wheel, air brakes, clutch, enhances retention for drivers PatrolSim PS6 Used for police vehicles, ambulances, passenger vehicles, taxis, vans, etc. Virtual environment enables emergency personnel to safely practice high-risk exercises such as emergency response and pursuits 180-degree view, using three 55” full HD resolution (1920×1080) allows for the design and delivery of ultra-realistic driving environments Lights and sirens, touch screen and transceiver Glass dashboard allows the flexibility to replicate dozens of makes/models of vehicles True-to-life vehicle training environment, such as seat, steering wheel, brakes, accelerator pedal, etc., enhances training retention for drivers

Still Have Questions?

We hope these FAQs provide you with a better understanding of DriveWise and the services we offer.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team is ready to assist you.

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