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As a pioneer in the development and deployment of advanced driver training simulation technologies, DriveWise has built custom driver training programs for hundreds of emergency vehicle operators. Our unique approach to training has led us to recognize the need for effective training solutions that can be delivered nationally to Paramedics.


Our customized 8 hour course for Paramedics instructs drivers in techniques, skills and attitudes required to safely operate an emergency ambulance vehicle. Our curriculum fulfills all relevant sections of the National Occupational Competency Profile for Paramedics (NOCP), with an emphasis on safe emergency driving techniques to ensure the safety of patients and paramedics. All lessons taught in the classroom are reinforced with training on the Driving Simulator and interactive quizzing.

DriveWise also offers approved “Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator” (CEVO) courses, and F Class vehicle training. 

driving simulation with paramedic training
  • Virtual environment enables emergency personnel to safely practice high-risk exercises such as emergency response and pursuits

  • PatrolSim 6 driving simulator (pictured) features working lights and sirens.

DriveWise has a proprietary instructional design system that features:

  • A program targeting cognitive skills, behaviours, decision making and situational awareness which research has proven are the main causal factors in driving incidents.

  • A traditional ADDIE Design with the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Evaluation embedded in the process to ensure your desired results are identified, quantified and an action plan to achieve

  • The incorporation of Stress Exposure Training principles to build learner awareness and response to acute stressors he/she will encounter in normal and high risk situations.

  • Formal program report with lesson plan outline, per-participant record of training and attendance, data slicing for trend identification, and participant feedback forms.

driving simulator amubulance photo

 XVR Incident Command/Control​

Take Command of an Incident
Using the XVR Incident
Commander allows emergency services and first responders to prepare and practice agency procedures and 

protocols from a safe, controlled environment.


Getting You to the Scene and Back Safely
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