Why DriveWise Is Your Go-To Driving School

It is common for many of us to believe that all driving schools are created equal, but that is not usually the case. There are also many among us who wonder: Why go to driving school? To answer, Driving is a skill that you are only going to learn once, so you want to make sure that you are learning from a professional company. If you’re looking for a superior level of driver education and safety training that stands above the rest, DriveWise is the program for you. We remain Canada’s top driver training centre, providing high-quality and interactive training programs, led by certified instructors to meet all your driving needs both in the classroom and out on the road.

Learn How to Master the Road with Our New Driver Training Program

At DriveWise, we take pride in being the only new driver training program to instruct students using both high-fidelity virtual simulations, in addition to interactive training sessions. What’s more, we deliver programming to a wide range of learners including, new drivers, senior drivers, truckers, emergency personnel, and corporate fleets. Read on to take a closer look at the DriveWise difference:

Simulation Lab: Our state-of-the-art driving simulator for students is a powerful tool that helps learner drivers make calculated decisions from the safety and comfort of our simulation lab. Students can experience risky situations without actually being at risk, allowing our instructors to put more focus towards teaching, rather than course correcting. Through the freedom to make mistakes, students can develop better driving skills and habits.