DriveWise’s Interactive Driving Classes for Dynamic Education

Experience dynamic and engaging learning sessions with DriveWise’s interactive driving classes, designed to empower drivers with practical skills and knowledge for safer journeys.

Engage, Learn, Drive

While traditional classrooms typically follow an instructor-led lecture format supplemented with reading materials and lengthy videos, our interactive classroom offers a dynamic blend of facilitator-led discussions, problem-solving exercises, interactive quizzes, and practical reinforcement through virtual reality simulation labs. This approach keeps participants engaged, stimulated, and thoroughly immersed in the learning process, fostering an enjoyable educational experience.


We have revitalized our classroom sessions by incorporating the Interactive Participation System. Each participant is provided a numbered remote that coincides with their name programmed into the system. This response device validates the learning process effectively. Each participant can input their answers as quizzes appear on the large monitor during the program. Once all responses are collected, the correct answer is revealed, and the distribution of responses across the class is displayed anonymously. This system achieves numerous learning objectives:

The instructor immediately knows whether they are getting through to the class and they are learning what is being taught.
The participant immediately knows whether or not they have understood and can ask the instructor questions if difficulties persist.
This approach ensures that every individual in the class actively participates in the learning process, fostering an inclusive environment that also accommodates reserved individuals.
Although the results are shown anonymously to the class, they are stored in a database and are provided to the client as a per participant record of training.

Other training methods for the classroom portion are PowerPoint presentation, problem solving worksheets, and short videos. DriveWise adopts competency and activity-based learning in its approach to driver training.


Knowledge confirmation of all learning content is accomplished via our interactive participation system and a knowledge check administered by the instructor during our practical reinforcement exercises (simulation labs).