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DriveWise has developed an online learning system to be used to assist in remedial training, pre-screening and practical reinforcement. These online learning modules can be completely customizable to any fleet or program. This system helps integrate all knowledge obtained during the in-class lessons with the skills developed during simulator training.

DriveWise's online learning modules


By using a pre-hire screening program, you can save time and money in your hiring process. Modules can be used to measure an applicant’s aptitude, general knowledge of driving, and determine an overall risk profile. Modules can be purchased individually or as a package.



These online modules are designed to further enhance good driving habits, and focus on the DriveWise 6 Star Approach to Cooperative Driving. They are designed to reinforce training done through 4- and 8-hour refresher programs. Contact our office for a list of available modules.

Online learning modules include:

Safe Backing
Speed Management
Eye lead time and Scanning
Distracted Driving
Adverse Conditions
Risky Driving Behaviours
Pre-trip Inspection
Speed Management


Our online portal can be accessed via the link below or by clicking "Online Learning" on the header of this website.

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