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DriveWise @ I4PL Conference 2016

DriveWise had the pleasure and privilege of participating in the Institute for Performance and Learning's Conference earlier this month. In addition to being an exhibitor, and our CEO being a session speaker, we were also honoured with a Special Recognition Award. It is the second year in a row that we have receive recognition from the Institute and we pride ourselves on continuously improving and implementing sound training and development principles.


The Basic Driving Instructor Course (BDIC) was designed for instructors at DriveWise to replace ineffective and outdated commercially available programs, to raise the standard of the instructor baseline competency, to increase learner retention, reduce on-board training time, and increase workplace safety.

DriveWise developed a competency framework within the driving instructor industry and created a performance standard that can be measured, evaluated and scrutinized for current and future stakeholders. This innovative approach to design ensured adherence to sound adult educational principles that promoted sequential learning and peer-to-peer support for learning.

DriveWise's planning process ensured alignment with organizational goals, surpassed the MTO requirements, and allowed for DriveWse to obtain a private career college status.

- From the Institute of Performance and Learning, 2016.



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About DriveWise

DriveWise is a Canada's advanced driver education & safety training school. We offer customized  courseware and interactive training solutions to help you get different kinds of driver licence.  Whether you are looking for G1/G2/G licence, trucking licence or vehicle for hire, we work closely with you to develop a program that suits your needs. addresses your risks.

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