With Spring coming, we have much to look forward to - namely longer days and warmer weather but also different risks to manage on the road. From children playing, to sharing the road with motorcyclists and maneuvering potholes, spring driving doesn't necessarily mean safer conditions, but you can take safety in your hands by managing risks. Use the following safety tips as a start:

1. Watch for children and other pedestrians

With warmer weather in tow, children may start playing outside in the street. Whether they are riding bicycles or kicking balls - children's movements can be sudden and erratic. Reduce your speed and cover your brake and horn when driving around children and other pedestrians.

2. Share the road with cyclists and motorcyclists

Be sure to check your mirrors and blind spots to spot the location of cyclists around you, especially when turning and changing lanes. Motorcyclists can accelerate very quickly and be on your radar before you can react, so pay extra attention to scanning your surroundings. Slow down at busy intersections, the cyclist in front of you may be turning left.