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Our inaugral MELT program is fast approaching. All drivers looking to earn a Class A license must complete the MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training). The DriveWise program adheres to, and excels MTO requirements. Designed with an award-winning instructional design team, the program makes training as interactive and immersive as possible, with a blend of interactive classroom learning (including audience response system) and hands on practice in our state of the art truck simulator, along with one-on-one driver training on road. With the formula that's made our driver training programs so successful, we are confident that the DriveWise MELT program is an invaluable preparation and investment in a safe and rewarding career in truck driving. Informational brochures and prospectus will be available to download on our website.

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About DriveWise

DriveWise is a Canada's advanced driver education & safety training school. We offer customized  courseware and interactive training solutions to help you get different kinds of driver licence.  Whether you are looking for G1/G2/G licence, trucking licence or vehicle for hire, we work closely with you to develop a program that suits your needs. addresses your risks.

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